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Pakistan Independence Day 2019 Picture, Images, Wallpaper & Cover Photos! Pakistan is one of the great Muslim country in the world. Pakistan got independence on Friday, August 15, 1947 AD (Ramazan 27, 1366 AH). Midnight of 14th & 15th of August! The Independence Day of Pakistan is observed every year on August 14th. On this day, the whole Pakistani nation rejoices and celebrates the fruits of independence, freedom, and progress. The holiday is special because it marks the declaration of independence in 1947 and an end to British rule.

As the British rule drew to an end, Muslims demanded, for the sake of Islam, the formation of a separate homeland where they can live in a majority and are free to practice their religious beliefs. Pakistan’s emergence in August 1947 is one of the biggest political achievements of modern Muslim history, resulted mainly from the endeavors of one and only, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan on Wednesday, August 14 2019, will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day which marks the transfer of power by British viceroy to the new Pakistani government in Karachi. Pakistan achieved independence when the British left India and partitioned the subcontinent in 1947.

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