Independence Day of Guinea 2019 – Happy Guinea Independence Day 2019

Happy Guinea Independence Day 2019! In this content, we share with you about Happy Guinea Independence Day and Happy Guinea Independence Day: Wishes, Quotes, Messages. Today is the Independence Day of Guinea. This is the very important and memorable day for Guinea peoples.  In 1958, the French Fourth Republic collapsed and was succeeded by the Fifth Republic driven by Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle offered France’s colonies a decision among independence and freedom within French Community. Guinea chose freedom and turned into an independent republic on October 2, 1958. See more information for Guinea Independence Day, you should stay with us.

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When is Guinea Independence Day 2019?

Guinea’s 2019 Independence Day is observed on Wednesday, 2 October 2019. This year, the Guineans will celebrate their beloved country’s 61st Independence Anniversary.

Here’s how Independence Day is celebrated in Guinea:

The Independence Day celebrations start with prayers for peace, progress, and development in the country. The center of celebrations is Conakry, the country’s capital city, where a public gathering is organized for elders and government officials in the City Hall.

There are special Independence Day speeches and seminars arranged by key officials, where past incidents are recalled and tribute is paid to all those who gave their lives to see Guinea as an independent nation.

Happy Guinea Independence Day: Wishes, Quotes, Messages

There’s a military parade in the capital, attended by many citizens, wearing the colors of their national flag and showing their utmost love and respect for their country. Many Guineans show their patriotism by decorating their streets and towns with flag pennants, while some also organize independence day marches on the road, carrying the country’s national flag and seem to be in high spirits!

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Next are lovely music and dance activities. Men and women wear traditional Guinean clothing and head out to some specific spots where they engage in cultural dances and enjoy concerts by traditional singers. The dance activities are followed by a jumbo feast comprising of delicious African dishes along with local specialties and international fare.

Happy Guinea Independence Day: Wishes, Quotes, Messages

  • Happy 61 years of Independence to Guinea. Guinea gained Independence from France in 1958.
  • Happy Independence Day to my beautiful and wonderful country Guinea
  • Happy Independence day to my Guinea , 61 years of liberty, we had our ups and downs, yet we are still standing strong and resilient, all is not perfect but i believe in my country, in my people, in its potential, in its bright future and opportunities. Proud to be Guinean.
  • Happy independence day to Guinea, and all Guineans out there. More blessings and turn up heavy this weekend
  • Happy Independence Day to Guinea, who declared their independence from France on October 2, 1958
  • Guinea: Happy Independence Day! October 2 1958 from France, making u almost 61. U struggle with poverty but ur peeps excel in high spirits.

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