Gabon Independence Day – Latest hd Pic, Picture, Image, Wallpaper and Photos

Gabon Independence Day 2019 – latest hd Pic, Picture, Image, Wallpaper and Photos! Independence Day is a public holiday in Gabon on 16th and 17th August. These public holidays follow Assumption on 15th August to create a three day break.

This is Gabon’s National Day and marks independence from France on 17 August 1960. On 17 August 1960, Gabon gained its independence and became an independent republic joining the other three territories of the French Equatorial Union who also gained their independence in the same month.

The first president of Gabon, elected in 1961, was Léon M’ba.

Gabon Independence Day 2019 hd Pic, Picture, Image, Wallpaper and Photos:


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