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World Friendship Day, World Friendship Day 2021

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Happy Friendship Day 2021 Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Pictures

Friendship Day calls for celebrations and Happy Friendship Day messages make a worthy share with close and dear friends. Tell them what they mean to you with Happy Friendship Day messages images that have been drafted for you to put forward your feelings the perfect way.

“Dearest friend, I love you the most because you are always there to join me in the most stupid things in life…. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“I find myself extremely lucky to have a friend like you who is much more than a friend to me, who is my life…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

“No matter how old we grow, no matter how much distance we have between us, you will always stay in my heart…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day 2021.”

“To a friend who has always been there for me, I thank you for being such a wonderful friend… Happy Friendship Day and always stay as awesome as you are!!!”

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Messages

With the cutest collection of Friendship Day messages and wishes, you will find it so easy to wish your dear pals. Look no further and share your greetings and love with your friends with Happy Friendship Day Messages in Hindi and English and beautiful greeting cards.

“Finding a friend who connects with you at all levels is extremely rare but I feel I am the blessed child of the Almighty…. Happy Friendship Day to my friend.”

“The most beautiful thing about our friendship is that we understand each other in every situation and that is what makes us so strong…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to my dearest, sweetest friend who has always surprised me with doing things that no one would ever do for me.”

“When I was small, I used to pray to God to give me the most special friend in this world and when I see you, I know that my prayers have been answered well… Happy Friendship Day.”

Funny Friendship Day Messages

Sharing a laughter or smile with your friend is the best medicine you need and these Friendship Day messages have the magical power of making them laugh. Funny Friendship Day messages for best friends, girlfriends, boyfriend, husband, and wife are right here to share and make them all laugh.

“On Friendship Day, let us dedicate this day to the crazy, weird and unique attitude we have towards life…. Let us be alike… Let us be stupid!!!”

“When I look at you, I feel that you have been blessed with a lot more than you deserve…. Happy Friendship Day to you for having a friend like me.”

“You have to do lots of good deeds and pray a lot to God to have a friend like me…. I am your jackpot and you are the lucky soul… Happy Friendship Day 2021.”

“On this Friendship Day, I promise you that you will always find me in all the stupid things you are going to do in your life because we are contracted partners in crime for life.”

Friendship Day Messages for Female Friend

Heart-touching Friendship Day messages for female friends that have been weaved with beautiful words. Tell them how special a friend they are with unique Friendship Day wishes. Shared below are some of these Friendship Day picture messages 2021 to wish her.

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“You are an angel sent from heaven to make my life beautiful, my heart happy and take care of my smile…. Happy Friendship Day to you my dear.”

“With a caring, loving, dear friend like you, I sometimes feel that there is nothing in my life that I miss as you are there to take care of everything…. Happy Friendship Day.”

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Happy Friendship Wishes Messages

Warm wishes on Friendship Day to a friend who knows how to bring out the best in me with her motivation, faith, and love.

“Sometimes I wonder that had you not been there, my life would have been such a dull and boring one…. Thanks for filling colors of your friendship into it.”

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes

For friends who mean the world to you, share this Happy Friendship Day wishes quotes and messages. Deep thoughts expressed in words with these inspiring quotes on friendship will make all friends feel a lot more connected with you.

“Friendship happens when you instantly connect, you instantly understand and you instantly feel comfortable with someone.”

“Friendship doesn’t come easy as both of you have to be comforting, understanding, loving, caring, and truthful to each other each day, each moment.”

“Friendship is like two-way traffic…. Both the souls have to be equally giving, caring and understanding to have the wheel rolling.”

You are blessed if you have a true friend in life…. Always value him and never lose him because such people come to those who are blessed in life.”

Friendship Day Messages in English

“Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to you my friend…. With your presence in my life, everything seems so beautiful and cheerful.”

“Cheers to our friendship and the colors it has filled in our lives…. May we stay bonded together forever and ever and ever!!”

“On Friendship Day, there is only one thing I pray to God for that He is always there to bless us with each other.”

“My dear friend, let us promise each other to never take each for granted because both of us are very special to each other….. Happy Friendship Day.”

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Best Friend

“On the pious occasion of Friendship Day, let us promise each other that we will always be there for each other in every good and every bad…. Happy Friendship Day to my best friend.”

“There has been a lot of sacrifices, a lot of understanding, unconditional love, and support that has gone into this friendship…. Warm wishes to my best friend on Friendship Day for making it possible.”

Cheers to our beautiful friendship which is growing with each passing day and becoming more valuable to us.”

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Family

Family is also your friend. On this special day of Friendship Day 2021, you can share these Friendship Day Wishes, Messages with your family members, brother, sister, husband and wife, father and mother, bhaiya and Bhabhi, parents and grandparents using cute Friendship Day messages is a wonderful way of celebrating this happy occasion.

“To the most adorable sister who is also my most loved friend…. The day I came in this world, I found not only a sibling in you but also a friend for life…. Cheers to our friendship on Friendship Day which is painted with beautiful colors of togetherness.”

“You are not only my Bhabhi but also my secret box….. You are the best relationship my brother has ever gifted to me and I will always be thankful to him for bringing you in our lives…. A very happy Friendship Day to you.”

“Dear mom and dad, you have been the best parents to me because you have also been the most loving friend to me…. When you are around, I feel no need for any other relation because you complete me and make me happy….. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

” Being married to you has been the most beautiful blessing of my life…. You are my spouse and also my best friend with whom I can not only share my life but also the most important secrets of my life….. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you.”

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Friendship Day 2021 Messages in Hindi

“Dosti ka yeh din sabse khaas hai kyunki ismein base jeevan ke sabse khaas ehsas hai…. Aye yaar teri yaari se badhkar is jeevan mein kuch bhi nahi khaas hai.”

“Jiska dost ho tere jaisa, uski zindagi ho meri jaisi…. Na koi dukh aur na koi takleef kyunki jab tu hai paas, toh har pal hai khaas.”

“Dosti ke is din ko banat hain aur bhi yaadkar karke yeh vaada ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, rahenge hum hamesha hi saath.”

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Friends

It is a crime to miss any of your friends to wish on Friendship Day. With our Friendship Day messages for new friends, childhood friends, College Friends, best friends, school friends, group of friends and long-distance friends, you can send warm greetings to all kinds of friends you have in your life.

” There is no distance in this world that can part our because we are strongly connected with our hearts and our friendship is eternal….. On the occasion of Friendship Day, let us raise a toast to the best relationship of our lives…. Love you, dear!!!”

“The best time of my life is our childhood….. the days when we would play pranks, crack stupid jokes, spend days doing nothing and just enjoying each other’s company….. To my friend who made my childhood so much more fun….. Happy Friendship Day.”

“We have been the best of friends since our school and we promise to be friends for all our lives because we share the best of the compatibility and understanding….. Cheers to our long-lived friendship….. Happy Friendship Day.”

“Friendship Day always reminds me of our group of friends who have created the most beautiful memories for life…… Thank you guys for bringing so many happy moments and filling my life with smiles….. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you all.”

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Sweet Friendship Day Messages for Lover

Your lover is also your friend. Friendship Day wishes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, life partner and love of your life are given below. Share these sweet and romantic Friendship Day greetings with your life partner to make him or her feel special.

“Marrying you has been the best decision of my life….. I have found a loving and romantic life partner in you and also a friend for life…. May our marital bond is always blessed with good understanding and friendship…… Warm wishes on Friendship Day to my sweet life partner.”

“Though you are my boyfriend before that, you are my friend who knows me well, who understands me like no one else…. So here are the choicest Friendship Day wishes just for you because you are a very special friend to me.”

“Having you as a part of my life is the best thing in this life….. Having your friend as your lover or lover as your friend is surely the most special thing can happen to someone and I am truly the lucky one in every sense.. A very Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“To the love of my life, who is the reason for all my smiles, I wish a very wonderful and Happy Friendship Day because you are my best friend and my confidant, without whom my life is incomplete.”

Happy Friendship Day Message for Boss

“The relationship between a junior and his boss is very formal but with a boss like you, I not only have found a mentor but also a very good friend who is extremely supportive and understanding…. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.”

“On the occasion of Friendship Day, I want to send my best wishes because you are a good boss and a very caring friend as well.”

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Friendship Day Wishes and Greeting Messages for Colleagues

“I spend the maximum time with you which makes you not only my colleague but also a very good friend and therefore, I am sending my warm wishes to you on Friendship Day.”

“Working together makes us colleagues but understanding each other and supporting one another at each and every step of our lives make us wonderful friends….. Best wishes on Friendship Day to my colleague who is more of a friend to me.”

Best Emotional Friendship Day Messages

“There were times when I was all alone, had no one to speak my heart with but since the times I have found you, I have found the most important but missing part of my life…. To my best friend, a very Happy Friendship Day.”

“I may have lots of friends but you are the only one who is closest to my heart and soul and I will always love you the most in this world….. Sending my love and warm wishes on Friendship Day to the most amazing friend I have.”

Friendship Day Wishes Messages for unknown Girl and Boy

“I want to make this Friendship Day special by wishing you on this special occasion and hoping that you wish me back and we start a new friendship….. Have a very Happy Friendship Day my dear.”

“At first we are strangers but with time we become friends and then we become good friends…. Let us begin this beautiful journey as send my best wishes on Friendship Day to you and extend my hand to become my friend for life.”

Friendship Day Funny Jokes

“That friend is the best who has the power to make you laugh at his jokes….. Thanks for making my cheekbones pain with your funniest and craziest jokes… A very Happy Friendship Day to you dear.

“When I think about you then I realize that you are beautifully blessed because you have the most amazing friend a person can ask for….. So make sure you value me and respect me….. Happy Friendship Day.”

Reply Thank You Messages for Happy Friendship Day

“You came into my life, you won my heart and you stayed….. This is the short and sweet story of our friendship which is out of this world….. Thanks for being such a good friend…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

“On the occasion of Friendship Day, I thank you for being the best friend to me, for loving and caring for me unconditionally and for supporting me without any expectations….. You are truly a real friend and I wish you Happy Friendship Day.”

Happy Friendship Day Wishes for Enemy

“We may not like each other because we share some kind of jealousy but on this beautiful day, we can keep our differences aside and become friends….. Happy Friendship Day.”

“I am sending my best wishes on Friendship Day to the person who thinks that we are enemies but when the fact is that we are not….. We both are good people but we are just different from each other.”

Happy Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

“Time to tell your friend how much he means to you and unfolding his secrets…. Its Friendship Day.”

“Don’t ever fight with your friend because he has the worst of your clicks locked in his phone.”

“Those who find true friends in life are the ones who are blessed with the biggest treasure of life…. Happy Friendship Day.”

Friendship Day Images Messages

“Finding a friend might be easy but staying friends with him is certainly not so easy…. Friendship demands mutual contributions and efforts…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to you…. Never ever lose a friend because you will only realize his importance when you have lost him!!!”

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